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According to a recent study done, with 16000 female participants and conducted by scientists of Oxford University, women who have bigger buttock have less chance of developing chronic diseases and are more intelligent than women with an average or small buttocks.

Moreover, the research showed that these women have lower level of bad cholesterol thanks to their hormones which enable them to process sugars faster. These women are less prone to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, unlike women who don’t have a big butt. This is because they have additional omega-3 fatty acids, also responsible for improved brain function.

However, the benefits don’t stop here. In fact, a bigger buttock increases the leptin levels in the body, leptin being a hormone responsible for weight regulation, and dinopectina-a hormone with vascular-protective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties.

The buttock’s adipose tissue “traps” harmful fatty particles and thus prevents heart disease. Similar studies have been done in California and Pittsburgh and have concluded that women who have bigger behinds, wide hips, and small waists will live a longer life.


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