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We should all be aware of our blood sugar. Our culture is filled with sugar, in the most curious of places (like ketchup, tomato sauce, even soups, etc.) and we could all use a little more of a balanced ride on the blood sugar roller coaster. Additionally, many of us struggle with sugar cravings, which can pose a big problem. And if you happen to have a little muffin top, you are at higher risk for insulin resistance, the precursor to diabetes. Sugar really does affect each of us… in a BIG way!

The good news is that insulin resistance can be reversed and even prevented with lifestyle changes, such as: stress management, abstinence from white carbs/sugars and processed foods, the addition of certain supplements, exercise, etc. And this green juice is just the ticket to get you started with nourishing and supporting your body’s needs.

There are many reasons why the ingredients in this juice have been selected to prevent or alleviate insulin resistance:
Green apples
are lower on the glycemic spectrum than red or yellow, making them a better choice for blood sugar regulation.
Magnesium is said to be a deficiency in many people with insulin resistance: the dark leafy greens are a great place to find this important nutrient.
Ginger and Turmeric combat inflammation associated with high blood sugar.
Lemon is detoxifying to the body, thereby helping all of your systems work better. Sugar is very acidic and contrary to what you may think, lemon is actually alkaline once digested. This, paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, helps brings your body’s pH into balance.
Parsley is a great detoxifier and loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Dandelions are a great support for the liver (fat in the liver is linked to insulin resistance).
Cucumber and Celery are also very detoxifying and hydrating and are a great base for your juice due to their high water content.

This juice is green with an emphasis on lower carbohydrate veggies. It is purifying, cleansing, nutritious and tasty as well!

Making this juice a daily ritual is a lifesaver. Enjoy the many benefits as well!

Blood Sugar Balancer

2 cucumbers
5-6 stalks celery
½ zucchini
¼ bunch Kale with stems (any will do)
⅓ bunch parsley
2-3 leaves of dandelion greens
1 lemon
1-2 green apples (optional)
1 ½ inch knob fresh ginger root
½ finger of turmeric

Wash and prep all ingredients; juice and enjoy!


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