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Tending to at least 2.000 flowers a day, with its tiny wings that are beating 10.000 times in a minute, taking pollen and carrying it from flower to flower and assisting our food supply. Can you imagine how hard it is for a bee to do this in one day?

Just like us they get exhausted too, they get hungry and thirsty too. There is one tiny problem, water supplies are not always available to them.

For the bees to get a drink of water, the water needs to be very shallow. And we all know how much time it takes for shallow water to evaporate in the summer time. Every day bees risk their lives to drink and calm their thirst. And sometimes they drown in rivers and lakes, they become pray for fishes, frogs, smaller birds.

Fill a bowl of marbles and then fill it with water. It is a very safe way for bees to get a drink from the marbles. This will help our pollinators very much! The marbles let the bees to land on them and get a drink safely, stop the drowning of bees, help them out!


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