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White clothes are often my first choice, and I bet most of you love them, but hate the fact that they easily get stained.

Sometimes, even the most expensive stain cleaner or detergent cannot wash off the stubborn stains, and if you keep trying, you will end up having a chemical-laden clothing which has lost its white color.

However, there are a few things more you can try, and you will again have your pure white, stainless clothes again.

The following three tricks offer incredible effects in removing stains, and what’s best, they are a natural way to clean your white clothes:

Lemon and Vinegar

Mix lemon juice and vinegar in equal amounts, and wash the stained clothes in their mixture. When you rinse the clothes, the stains will be gone, and the clothes will have its original white color and a fresh smell!

Baking Soda

Add a cup of baking soda to a plastic tub with 4 liters of water, and when it is dissolved, place the clothes inside, and leave them to soak for several minutes. This will soon restore their white color, and the stains will be washed away.


Add 6 crushed aspirins in a plastic tub with water, and put the clothes inside. Leave them to soak for half an hour, and then wash them with the usual detergent. Afterwards, they will be pure white again.

As soon as you try these tricks, you will never be afraid of stains on your whites again!


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