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The hair is the frame of the face, but especially for women. How your hair looks is the most important thing. Therefore, they resort to innumerable beauty treatments to give it life and make it look healthy and enviable.
Having a long hair and in good condition can be an arduous task, especially because every day we live exposed to many components that affect the environment, causing damage to our health and our hair, which causes the fall of it.

Today, both men and women with hair loss or baldness cling to expensive treatments to make it grow and keep it long and healthy. However, in many cases they do not obtain the expected results. Others spend money on wigs or extensions that eventually deteriorate and end up discarding.

In this article we will tell you a natural and inexpensive way of how you can do to give life to your hair and make it grow in a very short time. You just have to do your part and you will see that with perseverance and discipline you will obtain excellent results.


Every day we see on the street women with long and perfect hair. Surely many of them resort to treatments based on natural products. Here we will tell you how you can wear a shiny, silky and abundon, it consists of 3 ingredients that you surely have at home.

Before explaining how you can use these products it is important that you know the properties that each of them contain so that you understand why they are used for that purpose. Beer has the advantage of acting on it making it stronger, preventing it from breaking and falling easily.

Also, it helps to lighten it giving it golden highlights and restoring its movement. For its part, milk also has a large amount of proteins that soften and brighten it, and also helps to smooth it.

Ingredients needed:

-1 spoonful of milk
-1 spoonful of honey.
-20 gr of brewer’s yeast
-1 egg.

Preparation and use:

Heat the milk and mix it with the yeast. Let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, add the rest of the ingredient to the mixture, stirring very well. Apply this mask on the hair from the root to the tips. Let it dry for 1 hour and proceed to rinse with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Perform the same process at least 3 times a month.

How easy? You no longer have an excuse to wear long, silky hair without spending on expensive treatments.


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